In the course of chiropractic, our doctor has the capabilities to use low force (no cracking) instrument adjusting techniques that are comfortable for infants as well as the elderly, enabling the body to start healing itself.


He can show you that you are improving with pictures, x-rays, and surface electromyography.

Evaluating the effects of your diet, a pharmaceutical grade, complete nutritional evaluation will tell you what your body needs and will let the self-healing process continue uninhibited. Our doctor will discuss whole food supplementation that the body recognizes and absorbs.


For your convenience, when necessary, fresh supplements are available at the clinic. In time you will see unbelievable results that can follow with the right diet and health plan.


Dr. Janeshak takes the proper time to understand your needs and then gets to the root of concerns. He believes the key to good health is proper function. With the focused care of Yorba Linda Family Chiropractic, you’ll start feeling and living better in no time!



Contact us today to get on the exhilarating path to wellness.